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Are Your Dishes Safe?

WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT WASHING PLASTIC IN YOUR DISHWASHER I was up reading a “green” friendly website one night that had tips about using your dishwasher. I read a sentence that said, “Never wash plastic in your dishwasher.” It begged the question, “Why not?” (I am one of those people who needs to know the … Continue reading

The Bottled Water Habit

Why do people buy bottled water? Studies show they think it’s safer, but tap water must meet higher safety standards than bottled water. About 40% of bottled water actually starts out as tap water in places like Queens, NY and Wichita, KS. It takes an environmental toll too: those plastic bottles get thrown away at … Continue reading

One Billion Bulbs

Just say, “Yes!” … let’s do it Iowa! “Change the World One Bulb at a time.” Imagine. If people all over the world mobilized to replace one billion standard incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs. What would that mean? It would mean that those people would save money each month on … Continue reading

Dream of Greening Your Lawn

Environmental dangers from over use of herbicides and pesticides in commercial, intensive farming has been known for years. One of the first warnings of damages from the use of pesticides in modern agriculture came from American novelist Rachel Carson in 1962 with her book The Silent Spring. Ms. Carson’s thought provoking book portrayed a bleak … Continue reading

From the Green Room

Here’s a little snippet from a wonderful article by Fazlun Khalid, the founder of the Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Science. Read it in it’s entirety by visiting the Green Room — a series of opinion pieces on environmental topics running weekly on the BBC News website. The Koran says: Corruption has appeared in … Continue reading

Happy News

Our TV quit working a few weeks ago and we’re not replacing it.  Goodbye Red Green show, so long Arthur … hello happy news! New found evidence that reducing or eliminating the TV matters: Did you know that the average television consumes 200-300 kilowatt-hours per year, accounting for an estimated 3-4% of the annual electronic … Continue reading

Earth Day Celebrations

Earth Day is approaching (April 27th) and I was contemplating how I am going to celebrate it. I have seriously considered two options: gifting friends with some biodegradable laundry detergent or giving them a tree — my way of reducing the guilt over being so ignorant and leaving a carbon footprint this last year. I … Continue reading

Living on The Energy Diet

By Andrew Postman: New York Times I’VE tried to be responsible. I’ve thought pro-green thoughts and occasionally even done pro-green things. I’ve run the dishwasher and washer-dryer only with full loads. I’ve recycled, as ordered, though like every New Yorker I’ve ever met, I suspect the system does more good for our feelings than for … Continue reading

10 Easy Ways to Be Green

Here’s a starting place on the path towards living a green life. Use this as a list to inspire your family members, and be sure to give yourself a pat on the back for all of the things you currently do. REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE toner cartridges aluminum cans newspapers 2 liter plastic soda bottles milk … Continue reading

The Hot Topic of Iowa Urine

From the blog of Cathy Haustein In the early 2000’s a study was done of homes across much of the western US looking to see if lawn and garden pesticides got into the houses and bodies of those who used them. It was found that these chemicals did show up in the homes and urine … Continue reading