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An Inconvenient Truth

algore.jpgAt the turn of the New Year I had a chance to watch the movie An Invonvenient Truth, the documentary from Al Gore. I admit that I put this movie off a little while, thinking that I already knew the importance of Global Warming and the environmental crisis.

I was deeply touched by Al Gore’s stories, fascinated by the facts, studies, and statistics that he shared with us. This movie brilliantly weaved together finer points in a way that not only captured me but caught the interest of my children. We have awakened, together as a family — we see how our choices influence and impact the environment.

As of late, we’re discovering the many ways we can reduce waste, conserve energy, choose carefully and be wise. The days are filled with new inspirations, aspirations and insights. Watch this movie with your family … it has the potential of sparking a great connecting point.

Visit Al Gore’s website to find more things to cheer about … go Al, go!


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