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We’re Organizing to Resist Genetically Engineered Foods!

Genetically engineered foods are coming to our shelves and are on our shelves and no one can discern them. They are entirely unlabeled.

Genetically engineered foods may contain material from viruses, bacteria, plants, animals, even humans, incorporated at the most basic level–the genetic coding in the cell. Such “unnatural” foods as plants with virus and bacteria genes, tomatoes with fish genes and potatoes with insect genes are possible. Already we see biotech dairy products (from use of rBGH), with biotech corn, soy, canola and many produce items coming soon.

The Campaign to Resist Genetically Engineered Food is our community’s response to the possible dangers of biotech foods. Food products altered at the level of DNA pose significant risk to both the consumer and the environment. Read more from Theresa Carbrey Education Director of the New Pioneer Coop in Iowa City,


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