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The Hot Topic of Iowa Urine

From the blog of Cathy Haustein

In the early 2000’s a study was done of homes across much of the western US looking to see if lawn and garden pesticides got into the houses and bodies of those who used them. It was found that these chemicals did show up in the homes and urine of pesticide users. In most places, if homeowners reported using these chemicals, they were found in their homes in proportion to how much the homeowners used them. n Seattle things were a bit different. People said they used lawn chemicals but none showed up in the homes. In Iowa homeowners were the most likely to use lawn and garden chemicals of any other state studied and Iowa users had the highest levels of lawn and garden pesticides in their homes too as you would expect. But urban and town dwelling Iowans also had agricultural pesticide residues in their homes and urine with atrazine, alochlor and metolachlor showing up. These people had never used these herbicides and yet they were living with and urinating them.

Read the more shocking details by visiting Cathy’s blog.


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