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Tips to Prepare for a Post-carbon Future

Watch this Movie. Organize friends and family to view the movie, ‘The End of Suburbia.’ This one may be the catalyst for triggering great conversations around the dinner table for months to come.

Insulate your Home. Imagine heating your home when fuel costs three to four times the current price.

Get Out of Debt. Take a look at your current financial situation and make it a family priority to reduce your debt and simplify your life. You won’t want to owe lots of money when the economy enters a difficult period.

Start a Garden. This is a great time to learn how to grow your own food. Learn to make good compost, meet local growers; swap seeds and trade produce.

Re-acquaint Yourself with your Surroundings. Do you learn about nature from watching PBS? Try finding out more about your own backyard. Challenge yourself to identify the weeds, the trees and discover what’s on the other side of the garden fence. Reconnecting to the earth is a very powerful process.

Ask Yourself, ‘Do I Need It?’ Our homes are filled with items we no longer need or use. Things we paid good money for and now need to dispose of. Take a few minutes to identify what a few of those items are, consider donating them or recycling them in the week ahead. When you find yourself shopping and think you really need something new, ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” Do I already have something similar that I could make do with instead? Is it healthy for me, is it healthy for the planet, is it healthy for the people who made it? It goes without saying that advertising will influence you to buy many things you don’t really need, make an effort to keep advertising out of your life. TV has a way of undermining even the best intentions. Consider the benefits of eliminating TV altogether.

Create a Community Group. Seek out others who are interested in evolving alongside you. Share ideas and information; collaborate as you plan your garden. It’s inspiring to reach goals with others and to celebrate the steps you take to move towards being deeper shades of green.

Interact with members of Iowa Compact, join our group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/iowacompact


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