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Small Changes for Big Benefits

Here’s a list of low/no cost ideas that you can do to reduce energy use and make your life as efficient as possible.

  • Turn the water off during a shower when you are soaping up. Showers use about half the water that baths do.
  • Do only full loads of laundry. Wash your laundry in cold water and use biodegradable laundry detergent.
  • Line dry your clothes. Clothes dryers use TONS of energy. Your clothes will last longer and smell better. In the winter you can use wooden racks indoors.
  • Condition the space (heat/cool) only when occupied. Set your thermostat down to 45-50 at night in the winter and only 65 when you are using the spaces. Invest in a down comforter if you can. Dress warmly. Wear a long sleeved insulated shirt and even consider a hat indoors to stay warm with cooler heating temps in the winter.
  • Set your computer to go into standby mode (monitor and hard drive off) after 15 minutes of no use.
  • Light only the areas you are using rather than full room lights, which use more energy. Turn lights and appliances off when not needed.
  • Unplug, or use switched plug strips on appliances or unplug device chargers that use power even when they are “off”. While we are only talking 5 to 10 watts per appliance, it does add up 24/7. 10 watts of waste adds up to 7.2 kWh a month!
  • Replace light bulbs with low enrgy CFL light bulbs.
  • Keep your refrigerators warm, clean the outside condenser coils with regular vacuuming. This improves the efficiency of the unit.
  • Use cloth shopping bags rather than throwaway paper or plastic ones.
  • Walk, ride a bike or carpool to school or work.
  • When you drive, change your habits to accelerate slowly, anticipate stops and reduce your highway speed. Keep your engine tuned up and tires properly inflated. Consolidate trips to reduce unnecessary mileage.
  • Reduce consumption, reuse what you can and recycle. (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)
  • Reduce or eliminate TV viewing. Watching a dvd or two, listening to music, and reading are all forms of entertainment that will help curb TV viewing.

Implementing these home energy reductions resulted in $125 dollar savings on our bill this past month. Yahoo!!!


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