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Des Moines Community Garden

A leap to Des Moines nearly two years ago from Iowa City planted me and my children into an urban apartment. The transition from a home with a garden in the midst of rolling pastures to living downtown in Des Moines was BIG. I’ve wished to have a garden of my own for several months now. Truly, there is nothing more magical than planting a seed, watching it grow, picking vegetables, making nutritious food that feeds my growing children. Things like gardening, children, community … these are all very meaningful too me.

I’m coordinating an urban community garden now, it’s situated on the grounds of Edmund’s Elementary School, in the historical Sherman Hill neighborhood, on the edge of the city of Des Moines. I am proud to serve this school, this community and coordinate the mission that brings gardeners and neighbors together here.

If you are searching for a garden plot now, just follow your way over here to find out more about the garden plots available to friends and neighbors now. Come walk in the garden with us all summer here!

Note to friends in Iowa City:  Get your own community garden plots by the first Monday of April. Find me @morsemusings


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4 thoughts on “Des Moines Community Garden

  1. 😀 I wondered if the Sherman hills gardens actually existed. Good to see they do. 🙂

    I was heavily involved with a both the Downtown gardens and the Beaverdale gardens before I moved away from Des Moines this March.

    I was the one who organized the seed swap last winter, if you heard about that. I tried to get invites to the Sherman Hills group, but had trouble finding contact info. So sorry about that.

    Anyway, I’m living up in NW Iowa now, North of Sioux City. Still growing food, trying to start up a community garden in my new town and all that jazz.

    What’s the deal with this Iowa blog? Do you need any help? What’s the goal with it?

    Posted by Jennie | January 6, 2011, 8:40 pm
    • Oh Jennie, I love a volunteer spirit. WIsh you were still in the neighborhood. The deal with this Iowa blog first began with an idea of not buying anything new, on purpose. Then it morphed when I moved to Des Moines a few years ago and lost my group of compacty friends. It helps to have friends when you decide not to buy anything new especially if they wear your same dress size 🙂

      Posted by Dawn | February 10, 2011, 10:00 pm
  2. Helllo, I am a hobbyist beekeeper and was looking for possible locations that could benefit from pollinators while providing me with a place to keep a hive or two. I thought community gardens might be a good option as the gardens will benefit as well. Let me know if this at all interests you or if you want to chat more about the possibility. I’m not a commercial beekeeper or anything—am just doing it for fun and as a hobby : ) If interested I can be reached by email. Thanks!


    Posted by Jarret Einck | March 12, 2012, 11:02 pm

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