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Let Your Footsteps Leave No Trace

When the forsythia bushes begin to bloom it marks the time of year when crop dusting Iowa farmland with pesticides begins. This toxic brew is not only distributed onto the soil, it ends up in our water and air. And this is the time of the year my young daughters body is made ill with a toxic overload to such a degree she requires medical attention. Her sensitive skin begins appearing with red bumps that form into tiny blisters and she is treated with steroids.

I think of her as a kind of canary in the mine. Many people don’t know the impacts of the toxins we ingest and breathe in as well as hers does, but these toxins do affect us all. Some are impacted immediately, so many more are affected over time without knowing the cause.

Everything we put into nature eventually cycles into the human body, out back into the environment and returns to the body – an endless cycle. It is a complete, perfect cycle. We are the end-user/loser. Let us embrace this understanding with all of our hearts, in all we do, becoming aware of our vital daily role in the greater scheme of things. What we put down our sinks, drains and sewers recycles back to us. The chemicals, pesticides, poisons we put on our crops and in our soils recycles back into us. The antibiotics, hormones we feed our animals, recycles back into us.

The health of our planet, our water and food, are connected to the health of our body and well being of mind. Let us always remember: What we do to nature, we do to ourselves.  As nature goes, so do we.


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