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Hazardous Household Plastics … What to know about PVC

Do you have poison plastics in your home? Most of us do; the teething ring dangling from baby’s mouth, Fido’s chew toy, the plastic wrap used for storing food in the fridge, even your shower curtain may be hiding a dangerous dirty secret. For an entertaining overview of this serious subject, click on the image … Continue reading

Are Your Dishes Safe?

WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT WASHING PLASTIC IN YOUR DISHWASHER I was up reading a “green” friendly website one night that had tips about using your dishwasher. I read a sentence that said, “Never wash plastic in your dishwasher.” It begged the question, “Why not?” (I am one of those people who needs to know the … Continue reading

The Hot Topic of Iowa Urine

From the blog of Cathy Haustein In the early 2000’s a study was done of homes across much of the western US looking to see if lawn and garden pesticides got into the houses and bodies of those who used them. It was found that these chemicals did show up in the homes and urine … Continue reading